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What is Story Closers?

Story Closers is an online space where you can educate yourself on how to improve your selling skills until you become fluent enough to persuade, influence and communicate so effectively that you can close the majority of your prospects. A Story Closer is a professional that's constantly creating success stories by helping and guiding potential clients on suitable solutions that can solve their needs and issues.

Story Closer benefits?

There's a long list of benefits by becoming a Story Closer, but here are some of them.

You gain better self-confidence and social skills by learning how to sell yourself, and this will spike your self-esteem.

You will learn a portable skill that you can have with you anywhere you go in the world, and you can apply your selling skills to any kind of product or service in any industry, because all companies will always rise or fall with their sales efforts.

You will constantly be in demand because you are fluent in providing a service that can insert value for any business by closing deals.

You will have no ceiling on your income because you can always influence your income levels by becoming better and better each time you speak and learn from new prospects.

You can work from anywhere, which means that you are more flexible and can go anywhere and write your own ticket.

These are just some examples and there are many more advantages for you when becoming a Story Closer, and your only limitations are self-imposed.

Story Closers on social media?

ou can click the social media icons at the bottom of this page, or you can search for @CoachKimPark on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Price to become a Story Closer?

Most of our content is free, like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and content on this website like the free 3-day online training, but we also have paid mentorship and a masterclass that you can sign up for if you are really serious about becoming a professional Story Closer.

How to get started as a Story Closer?

On this website you will find a 3-day online training that you can sign up for completely free, and this training is a great start and introduction to your new future as a professional Story Closer.

If you are really serious about skyrocketing your sales career you can sign up for our Masterclass where you will get a 1-month full stack training program where Kim Park will teach you selling a-z from more than 30 years of experience , and help you dramatically raise your closing skills.

How can I get 1-on-1 coaching with Kim Park?

You can apply for 1-on-1 coaching with me Kim Park right here.

(Because my time is limited, only a select few will be chosen for my exclusive personal mentorship program)